Yoga classes surrounded by cats in this Montreal cafe

What could be better than combining the practice of yoga and pet therapy?

This is what yoga teacher Stéphanie Grégoire offers by offering classes at Café Chaton in Verdun.

It is possible to register for the fall session which consists of 10 yoga sessions on Wednesdays at 8 p.m.

Not only do these classes allow you to learn how to breathe better, relax, stretch in order to release tension and be more comfortable in your body physically and mentally, but also to do you good for your morale by rubbing shoulders with felines. coffee during the session.

The latter is one hour long, but fifteen minutes is added at the very end in order to be able to interact with the cats if you wish.

Classes begin on September 28 and end on November 30. You must pay $150 for the session and register as soon as possible online.

If ever the places are not all taken, it seems that à la carte courses will possibly be added. So keep an eye out if you’re ever interested in taking part in just a few classes.

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