With the cold, the cats join the horses in your engine

In winter, despite global warming, it is still cold. And human beings are not the only ones to suffer from the drop in temperatures. If some animals are naturally equipped to face the freshness of this season, others will seek the heat, even if it means shoving themselves into improbable corners, in particular the engines of cars, alert the gendarmes of the North.

Perverse under cute airs, cats consider this world as their territory. This world including your bed, your sofa or even your car. And if they haven’t yet stolen the keys from you to go out with their friends, outdoor cats find a very welcoming place under the hood when the cold arrives: “they snuggle up near the engine and fall asleep or wedge themselves between the still warm rooms, ”explain the gendarmes of Hallennes-lez-Haubourdin. The military add that this is particularly the case for “kittens who are having their first experiences of life in an environment whose dangers they do not yet know”.

Cats, badgers, raccoons

Across the Atlantic, the problem does not only concern felines. In North America, for example, it often happens that instead of cats motorists find badgers or raccoons in their engines.

But no matter the animal, the gendarmes warn that these are stories that can sometimes end very badly. They therefore invite everyone to check that no foreign and living body is squatting under the bonnet. Either by opening it, or by tapping the flat of the hand on it, or slamming the door before starting. We can also do all three, just to be sure.

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