With flights via Fiji, Caledonia will get closer to the United States

Flying from Tontouta to Honolulu, San Francisco or Los Angeles via Nadi? This should become a reality in 2023. Congress adopted, on Thursday, a draft deliberation allowing New Caledonia to negotiate air service agreements with the United States and Fiji.

A more open horizon, voted unanimously. The elected officials of boulevard Vauban validated this Thursday morning the text which will allow the president of the government to negotiate air service agreements with the United States and the Fijian civil aviation authorities. The challenge ? Make an agreement for the Air Calédonie international code to be operated by Fiji airways on flights between Fiji and San Francisco, Los Angeles or Honolulu. And conversely, the Fiji airways code can be operated by Aircalin on rotations with Fiji and Caledonia.

“Since 2019, we have been working with Fiji airways for a codeshare on the Honolulu line, the San Francisco line and the Los Angeles line”develops Gilbert Tyuienon, member of the government in charge of transport. “The principle is simple. On the flights that Fiji Airways operates between the United States and Nadi, we will have a pursuit to Noumea, we will have the Aircalin code on the Fiji airways ticket. So it’s a code sharing. Very concretely, we will be able to sell Honolulu-Noumea tickets via Nadi. Likewise, ‘tomorrow’, Aircalin will be able to sell Nouméa-Nadi-Honolulu tickets and it will be Aircalin tickets all the way.”

Gilbert Tyuienon on air agreements with the USA and Fiji, by Cédrick Wakahugnème

Negotiations started in September 2019 but were hampered by the Covid crisis. “This agreement that Congress has just given will allow the government to enter into very concrete exchanges, both with the Fijian authorities and also with the United States authorities”, summarizes Gilbert Tyuienon. The approach is part of the ambition to diversify Aircalin’s international network. A similar agreement was concluded in 2020 with Air Tahiti Nui, to serve the same destinations but with a stopover in Papeete-Faa’a. And in the same vein, Congress approved this Thursday the increase in the number of flights to Singapore. They will increase from four to seven per week next year.

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