Will Joe Biden defy the odds?

6:00 p.m., September 4, 2022

Nine weeks before the midterm elections, the American president has been working for a few days to make people believe that he can thwart the predictions of defeat. Donald Trump was at a meeting in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania on Saturday evening. The place owes nothing to chance. This is where Joe Biden touted his security policy on Tuesday and the legislation passed in Congress in June on gun control. But this small town in Middle America is also a few miles from Scranton, the Biden family stronghold.

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This remote match was wanted by the Democratic president to make the voters of November 8 understand that they once again have to make a choice in society between resurgent Trumpism and the “Defending America’s Soul”. Thursday in Philadelphia, cradle of the American Constitution, Joe Biden explained how, according to him, Donald Trump and the Republican party he subjugated have become. “a threat to democracy”. Not so much because they would carry a conservative and identity program but because Trump promotes right-wing candidates only if they profess that the 2020 presidential election has been “volley” and that Biden is not the president ” legit “ from the country. Not so much because the American right likes order and authoritarian regimes, but because it creates disorder by polarizing society to the extreme.

On Monday, Joe Biden will visit Milwaukee and Pittsburgh, two cities with a working-class tradition

Monday, on the occasion of Labor Day, the American Labor Day, Joe Biden will travel to Milwaukee and Pittsburgh, two cities with a working tradition, to promote his plans for infrastructure renovation and energy transition, financed to more than 1 500 billion dollars. On Wednesday, he will receive Barack and Michelle Obama at the White House to inaugurate their official portraits. A bipartisan tradition that Donald Trump could not bring himself to observe.

This energy to defend his mid-term record, the impact of the Supreme Court’s decision on abortion, Donald Trump’s legal troubles since the search of his residence in Florida this summer, are now prompting certain analysts to review their forecasts. “We went from hurricane alert level 5 to tropical storm alert, and maybe the Republicans unwittingly provided the Democrats with enough sandbags to plug the breaches”wrote this week David Wasserman, one of the bosses of the Cook Political Report, whose reputation is to predict American electoral battles down to the seat.

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