why the queen had a special connection with american presidents

If Elizabeth II composed with fifteen British prime ministers, she has seen and met fourteen American presidents. Harry. S Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George HW Bush, Donald Trump… Many statesmen have met the Queen of England and sometimes even, without respecting the protocol at the letter.

On a baseball field with George Bush, on a waltz at the White House with Gerald Ford, or horseback riding with Ronald Reagan If the Queen has forged a special relationship with America and its presidents, she has never forgotten the central role that the transatlantic alliance has played in British history.

During World War II, Elizabeth II grew up feeling that the United States had come to save Europe, in the darkest days of the war.

“This is the lesson of my life. Administrations in your country, and governments in mine, can come and go. We can have disagreements from time to time. But we must always stay united”she said during a dinner with George W. Bush in 2017.

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