why the favorite product of the French for the holidays will desert the shelves in 2022

It is the star product of Christmas Eve tables. 9 out of 10 French people consume foie gras, according to a CSA study for the Cifog interprofessional organization. And 79% even rank it as the number 1 must-have for the end of the year celebrations, ahead of smoked salmon (70%) and Yule log (64%). But will consumers have to do without foie gras this year? Between the rise in production costs and the bird flu epizootic affecting France, stocks are at their lowest. According to Emmanuel Chardat, director for foie gras at Labeyrie, quoted by AFP, there will be 30 to 40% less foie gras on the shelves this year. ” There will be some for the holidays, but in limited quantities », Assures, for her part, Marie-Pierre Pé, the director of Cifog. ” You have to bet that people will be reasonable and will share what little there is “, she adds.

The production of foie gras in constant decline

France may well be the leading producer country in the world, but its supply has been dwindling for three years. While France supplied 16,000 tonnes of foie gras in 2019, this figure plummeted to 14,000 tonnes in 2020, reaching only 11,000 tonnes last year. First culprit: avian flu. Since 2015, the sector has had to deal with several epizootics that have decimated entire farms (16 million poultry slaughtered in recent months). Added to this are other factors, such as the rise in production costs, energy and cereals in the lead. According to Cifog, quoted by AFP, a duck with foie gras has grown and costs 28% more to produce than two years ago. Last March, the interprofession already described, in a press release, ” a dramatic situation for professionals who must, at the same time, face a spectacular rise in their production costs, aggravated by the Ukrainian conflict “.

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Avian flu: two vaccines being tested

In this tense context, the price of foie gras will inevitably jump for the end of year celebrations. How much remains to be seen. But the sector remains hopeful. Two vaccines are currently being tested and should perhaps be available in 2023. To combat this third consecutive influenza crisis, it has also been decided that no ducks will be put into production between mid-December 2022 and mid-January 2023, in nearly 70 municipalities in the country.

For 8 out of 10 French people, foie gras is the number 1 product on holiday tables.

bird flu in France

Because of avian flu, 16 million poultry have been slaughtered since November 2021.

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