Why Taiwan is at the heart of tensions between China and the United States

Taiwan has become the epicenter of the crisis between China and the United States. Why is this volcanic island of 35,000 km², this small territory of 23 million inhabitants of so much interest to Beijing? China wants to integrate it into the people’s republic to make it one of his provinces.

Today, Taiwan is a separate country. It is not not formally independent but it still has a government, a president elected by universal suffrage, a set of specific laws. The official language is Chinese but it is not quite the same as in popular China. And this small country is defended by the United States with very close military agreements.

China and the United States oppose each other through Taiwan. The island has already been Chinese in the past. It was conquered in the 17th century, when it was inhabited by aborigines. And then the Han ethnic group came to colonize it. She became Japanese from 1895, then liberated in 1945, at the time of the defeat of the country of the Rising Sun.

Taiwan will even be for a long time the only China recognized by Western countries, which recognize taipei and not at all the communists in power in China…

Are there still any countries that officially recognize the regime in Taiwan? 14 only, including the Vatican. But China is putting very strong pressure on the remaining countries. China multiplies the threats, the offers of loans, of seduction.

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