why it is better to avoid sweets that sting

Sour treats, with their particularly high sugar and acid content, threaten tooth enamel. Better to be reasonable.

Treats that are scary? Among the many favorite candies of toddlers, stinging candies are a big hit, but watch out, on this Halloween holiday Monday. Between citric and tartaric acids, their composition is indeed cause for concern.

“It sparkles, it’s good,” rejoices at the microphone of BFMTV Ambra, plunging his hand into the large packet of sour candies. As with many children, these sweets are among the young girl’s favourites.

“I often buy (sour candy)”, admits his mother. “In general, I give him two or three in the evening. That’s all,” she says.

Gums and enamel in danger

Yet it is already too much, according to some doctors. Dentists warn against the presence of certain components offering this characteristic taste that children love. Several acids involved: citric, malic and tartaric.

“The consumption of these acid candies is certainly what is the worst for the teeth”, alerts the dental surgeon Catherine Mojaïski, for BFMTV.

The sweets that
Sweets that “sting” contain three acids that are particularly harmful to teeth. © BFM TV

“What destroys tooth enamel is acid, whether it’s directly when you eat acidic things like lemon, or sugar which under the effect of bacteria turns into acid”, explains- she.

A notice from the French Food Safety Agency, published in December 2001, also warns against possible “irritation of the gums” caused by repeated consumption of sour candies. Better to be careful.

“Frame” your consumption

Should we give it up completely? Not necessarily, according to a dietician. “The more you will demonize and ban the product (…), the more the child will be attracted to this food”, estimates Déborah Ohanna.

“It’s important to really frame it,” she recalls, however, in order to avoid any excess.

If some Internet users film themselves on social networks consuming these sweets by the dozen, these behaviors are to be avoided. On the back of some packages, the mention “to consume in a reasonable way” is also indicated.

Be careful also to give it at the right time, also believe some specialists. In fact, these treats contain a particularly high glycemic index. It is therefore better to favor consumption at the end of meals.

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