Why eating late is bad for your health

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A study published in the scientific journal Cell Metabolism warns of the risks associated with late meals. Indeed, they would promote obesity.

Eating “Spanish style” would not be a good idea. According to a study published in the scientific journal Cell Metabolism, late meals promote obesity.

As Slate relates, in the study, 16 people with high body mass followed a specific eating protocol. One group ate at set times early in the day while the other ate four hours later.


The energy consumed, the blood, the appetite but also the temperature were scrutinized and the scientists came to the conclusion that eating late had an impact on the metabolism. Indeed, it promotes weight gain because calories are burned much more slowly and fat storage is then almost inevitable.

At the same time, eating late encourages snacking. Hunger hormone leptin levels tended to drop significantly in participants who ate later. It also causes rapid weight gain. In particular, the study concluded that all of these factors combined during late meals increased the risk of obesity.

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