Who wants the skin of the cats of the village of Citry?

Would a cat killer rage in Citry, a village of around 950 inhabitants in Seine-et-Marne? This Thursday, according to Pays Briard, several felines have not returned home for several weeks. Some disappeared without any explanation while others were allegedly poisoned. A search has been launched to find them. Announcements were also posted on social media.

Complaints filed

To alert the inhabitants, a banner with a clear message was even deployed on the facade of a farm. “Attention, a cat killer lives in the village”, it is thus written. Witnesses also reportedly saw a suspicious white van prowling the village.

Complaints and handrails were filed with the gendarmerie. Toxicological analyzes are also in progress. According to our colleagues, similar events have already taken place in this village in 2013, 2015 and last year.

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