Where to eat a truly original French toast in Brussels?

Typical Belgian French toast from Chez Hadrien

Hadrien is one of those addresses that are still too little known and yet deserve our full attention. We were already telling you about them this summer for their mastery of raising simple vegetables into gourmet dishes. Today, it’s for one of their must-have desserts that we recommend you go there with your eyes closed: French toast with speculoos. Delicately caramelized, soft to perfection and served with a scoop of homemade speculoos ice cream, this brioche has everything a great dessert. Comforting, gourmet and controlled, we almost regret that the address is not open in the early morning to come and sit down at breakfast time.

In practice: French toast with speculoos is €13
The address? Army Avenue 32, 1040 Etterbeek

In video, a hearty breakfast does not burn more calories:

Italian French toast from Nina Restobar

For a change from the traditional French toast, head to Nina Restobar, an Italian restaurant in the Cimetière d’Ixelles. Here, we are offered a taste of the end of the year celebrations with the “Pandoro alla francese”, this cake from Verona which is similar to our brioches. Prepared like a French toast, this dessert is served with a light mascarpone cream and seasonal fruits. In Italy, Pandoro is eaten as a dessert for all holidays and on Sundays.

In practice: The Pandoro alla inglese is 12 €
The address? Chaussée de Boondael 332, 1050 Ixelles

The classic French toast from the Taverne du Passage

This emblematic brasserie in Brussels regained its letters of nobility last winter. On the restaurant menu, there is also a French toast worthy of our childhood. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, this French toast comes with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a crunchy tuile. For dessert or as a four-hour meal, you can enjoy it at any time!

In practice: French toast with iced vanilla is €11
The address? Queen’s Gallery 30, 1000 Brussels

Twisted French toast from Shanghai Kitchen

We recently told you about this new address located within the Radisson Collection Grand Place hotel in Brussels, which combines street food and gastronomy. Among the dishes offered, a French toast that moves away from the classic codes of the one we know well. Here, the crumb is roasted and soaked in soy sauce. Between sweet and savory, this dish is both disconcerting and innovative, it is also served as an appetizer and not as a dessert. To try !

In practice: The grilled wheat crumb “Four joy” Shanghai style is 12€
The address? Rue du Fossé aux loups 47, 1000 Brussels

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