when emotion overwhelms a civil party lawyer

Suddenly, his voice broke. And the space of a few seconds, the court remembered that under the black dress of the lawyer hides a human being. During the pleadings of the civil parties this Monday, on the 10th day of the trial of the Millas tragedy, the lawyer Me Éric Moutet was overwhelmed with emotion when reminiscing about Teddyone of the college students who died as a result of the accident.

I didn’t try to suppress or hide my emotion“, confides the lawyer registered with the Paris Bar. In this file “terrible and terrifying“, Éric Moutet admits to having “left on board at the mention of this 11-year-old boy“, who died of his injuries four days after the collision. Last week, his mother had mentioned at the bar
that day of December 18 when it had been necessary “say goodbye to him and unplug him: as if we were killing him a second time“.

Like many lawyers, Éric Moutet admits to being “upset“by the poignant stories heard over the past two weeks at the hearing. “The other day, the father of a 13-year-old little victim released a photo taken on his birthday. I immediately identified“, says what father of four daughters.

“S***! We leave our kid in a bus in the morning saying ‘see you later my darling’, and we never see her again. It’s awful… Me Éric Moutet”

Despite the appalling toll of the disaster, Éric Moutet did not wish to overwhelm the driver in his argument. “It appears from expert reports and testimonies that the barrier was closed. But the driver is not necessarily a blood criminal. She is being prosecuted for involuntary acts. This woman made a careless mistake. A mistake that anyone could have made, me first“.

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