what you need to know about these popular sauces

Cold sauces regularly, even systematically, accompany our meals. Ketchup, mayonnaise, barbecue or even soy sauce… How to decide in the radius of our supermarket? Patricia Chairpoulos, the head of the “food and environment” section of the magazine “60 million consumers” helps you make your choice.

“Industrial mayo is mostly made from sunflower oil but with shortages, rapeseed is increasingly used“, explains the journalist at the microphone of Flavie Flament. And that’s good! Richer in omega 3 and 6, rapeseed oil is better for our health. But be careful: “Mayonnaise is very very greasy and the light sauces contain many more additives.”

The same for ketchup? “Overall it’s a good product, admits Patricia Chairpoulos, it is also six times less caloric than mayo. “Even lightened, the tomato sauce remains a good student, unlike the one on the barbecue. The latter contains additives, emulsifiers and thickeners, which are not necessarily found in ketchup.

Ketchup is doing well in terms of price

Soy sauce is also the bad student of the group. Made from fermented soybeans and water, lots of salt is added. Even in sweet sauces: “The saltiest sauce on the market contains 2g of salt for 10g of sauce. It’s huge!” adds the journalist.

In terms of price, ketchup is once again doing the best. In the supermarket, there are certain sauces less than €2 per kilo. Conversely, soy sauces can reach €24 per liter for the most expensive. “We really see the difference, not only in taste, but also in consistency and price,” adds Flavie Flament. It is obviously best to cook yourselfalthough they keep less time in the fridge.

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