what to do with carrot tops?

Inexpensive, carrots allow us to make lots of everyday recipes. On your stalls, do you often find them with their tops? Above all, do not throw them away, they will be useful to you! To prove it to you, we invite you to discover how to transform carrot tops into cooking.

🥕 We tend to to throw the leaves and peelings of our vegetables… Often wrongly! Just as for the tops of radishofonion or beets… Those of carrots are also eaten. Keep them preciously, they will be of great use to you in the kitchen. Halfway between the parsley and the carrot root, its slightly bitter taste goes wonderfully with several ingredients. Beyond all the possible and unimaginable recipes to make with, these leaves also have benefits for our health. Carrot tops are rich in nutrientsthey help boost our immune system.

How to clean your carrot tops?

It is essential to well to clean your carrot tops before eating them. First, start by washing them with water and removing the sand residue. Secondly, do the whiten. But then how to proceed? Don’t worry, it’s very simple. Soak them in boiling water for 1 minute then drain them. Now you can cook them!

You will have understood it, do not throw anything away, in the carrot everything is kept! We offer you 4 ways to cook your carrot tops for zero waste recipes ! 🥕

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The famous carrot top pesto

When we think of carrot tops, we immediately think of pesto. You will be able to change from the “classic” recipe and above all make no waste. To make this sauce, you must have a blender. Once the carrot tops cleaned and blanched, put them directly in the food processor with parmesan, garlic and oil. In just a few minutes, your pesto is ready to enhance your dishes. Pasta, risotto or even saladsyou can do whatever you want!

Here is our recipe for crunchy carrot salad and its leaf pesto!

Crunchy Carrot Salad, Oranges, and Caleigh Carrot Top Pesto

Carrot top soup to warm up

As soon as the temperatures displayed on the thermometer drop, the soups are our best evening allies. To change from that to pumpkin that we often eat, we invite you to try your hand at carrot tops. To concoct a super good soup, we advise you to combine your tops with potatoesa oniona broth or even spices to bring as much flavor as possible. In addition to being easy to make, this dish is inexpensive… Perfect for small budgets or to end the month without breaking the bank!

Discover, right away, the steps to follow to make the recipe!

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Soup with carrot tops (or greens)

The delicious carrot top cake for the aperitif

The cakes are perfect for our aperitifs between friends ! They are always unanimous with those around us and go like hot cakes! Cake with ham, cheese, olives, chorizo… We tend to always make the same recipes. You too ? It is therefore high time to innovate and surprise your loved ones a little more with a original association. Try the cake carrots and to tops, this anti-waste recipe will satisfy all palates. Feel free to add Hazelnut or some almonds preparing to bring more gluttony.

Discover the procedure to follow and the ingredients to have to prepare a great aperitif for your guests!

Carrot cake and carrot tops

Evening quiche with carrot tops

The quichesour superheroines of our lazy evenings ! When you get home from work, you don’t necessarily want to spend hours in the kitchen? We understand you! So you roll out your dough broken Where puff pastry and you put on top of everything you have at hand. If you have carrots lying around in the vegetable drawer of your fridge, this is an opportunity to use their foliage. Finely chop the tops and distribute them in the bottom of your pie. For more flavor, you can add bacon bitsof the shallotsof the spices like nutmeg and grated cheese. In 45 minutes, cooking included, it’s ready! You have just prepared a gourmet quiche that changes the usual!

So give it a try and let us know what you think!

Quiche with carrot tops

Our recipes with carrots 🥕

Back to our carrots ! To vary your menus for the week, we have prepared a small selection of recipes with this vegetable. You will love these simple and tasty dishes. In tagliatelle, croquette, mashed potatoes… It’s up to you!

Discover our 6 recipes to test urgently!

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