What is this “dirty soda” circulating on Tik Tok and which is very bad for your health?

A new recipe is circulating on Tik Tok: the “dirty soda”, which consists of mixing coke with flavored cream and lemon.

Coca Cola, ice cubes, flavored cream (coconut cream type), lemon juice, caramel or fruit syrup… The “dirty soda” is all the rage on social networks, and as its name suggests, it is far from good for your health. The Huffington Post looks back on this drink from Utah.

On the same subject

It is THE recipe to drink of the moment. She comes directly from the western United States, in Utah, where more than 60% of the population is Mormon. In fact, she does not consume tea, coffee or alcohol, and falls back on sodas. A fast-food chain born there Swig, which is not found everywhere in the United States, offers a signature drink, this famous dirty soda, which could well be a nightmare for dentists and nutritionists alike. .

Too sweet, too sour

Apart from the question of taste (mixing coconut cream with coke may seem absurd), this drink is way too high in sugar. As a reminder, it is estimated that a can of Coca-Cola contains around 7 sugar cubes. However, its excess is known for its harmful role in various diseases such as obesity, diabetescardiovascular pathologiesetc.

A study from the Harvard School of Public Health also points out that high sugar consumption is linked to a higher risk of dying prematurely.

This famous dirty soda also contains fruit or caramel syrup, which increases the level of calories it contains. And according to the US Department of Agriculture, 100 grams of coconut cream add 330 calories to the beverage.

Apart from the fact that it is too rich, this revisited soda is also harmful to the teeth. Coca-cola is very acidic and rich in chromogens, which leads on the one hand to an increased risk of develop cavitiesbut also to stain the enamel. In short, as often, dirty soda is a Tik Tok trend to limit…

Sources: US Department of Agriculture, Huffington Post, Harvard School of Public Health.

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