What is the best dog food brand to choose in 2022?

You want to offer the best for your four-legged friend, and that’s normal. However, it is not always easy to find your way around among the many brands of kibble on the market. How to ensure that he enjoys every meal, while ensuring his iron health? To help you, we have sorted through the different brands. With this selection, you will find the ideal solution according to your needs and your budget.

The selection of the 8 best dog food brands to choose from in 2022:

Orijen Original Adult — Chicken, Fish, Turkey – DR

This brand, from Canada, is the benchmark for grain-free dog food. The foods are complete and the brand makes it a point of honor to guarantee high quality in their composition. The croquettes are even cooked in private kitchens. Health safety is therefore guaranteed. In terms of taste, it is far from being sacrificed. Your dog will enjoy a mixture of chicken, fish and turkey. All this with little fat, quality proteins and in good quantity. Only profit, in short.

Most :

  • Good protein/fat ratio;
  • Grain-free;
  • 85% meat;
  • Low carb kibbles.

The lessers :

  • The croquettes are not made in France;
  • The price is very high;
  • The package does not close.

Edgard & Cooper — Chicken Nuggets: with meat, fruit and vegetables

Edgard & Cooper — Chicken Nuggets
Edgard & Cooper — Chicken Nuggets – DR

These croquettes are not only very rich in meat. They also contain high quality fruits and vegetables. All ingredients are fresh, packed with nutrients, and cooked at low temperatures. The flavors are therefore preserved and your dog can only find them appetizing. The quality of these croquettes proves that the brand is very concerned about the well-being of our animals. The big bonus? The croquettes are very digestible. They will be ideal for a dog with digestive problems or a sensitive stomach.

Most :

  • Good value for money ;
  • Contains only fresh ingredients;
  • These croquettes are easy to find.

The lessers :

  • The brand is not French;
  • The small size of the croquettes;
  • The bag is fragile and rather permeable.

Carnilove Lamb and Wild Boar: for wild flavors

Carnilove Lamb and Boar
Carnilove Lamb and Boar – DR

Do you want to offer your dog a diet close to its natural origins? Carnilove is a brand made for you. The ingredients that make up these croquettes are based on wild prey (lamb and wild boar) and even fruit. These ingredients provide a good amount of protein, necessary for the health of the dog. Without cereals, they facilitate the digestion of the animal, without neglecting the taste. The Carnilove brand specializes in original (and wild) animal flavours. Reindeer, duck, pheasant, ostrich… Is your dog picky? He will be spoiled for choice.

Most :

  • Good value for money ;
  • Contains only fresh ingredients;
  • Rich in nutrients and proteins;
  • The original flavors, specific to the brand.

The lessers :

  • The tendency to cause some flatulence in some dogs;
  • The brand is not French.

Ownat Just Grain Free dog kibbles: grain-free kibbles at a low price

Ownat Just Grain Free Dog Food
Ownat Just Grain Free Dog Food – DR

Croquettes rich in protein, without cereals with a taste very appreciated by doggies: this is what best sums up this brand. Digestion problems or not, they will suit all dogs. Here, it is a rich and balanced diet that is offered. Your canine’s nutritional needs will be met with natural, low-fat ingredients. As a bonus, your dog’s coat will become softer and shinier. All this, at a very attractive price.

Most :

  • Excellent value ;
  • Contains only fresh ingredients;
  • Good protein to calorie ratio.

The lessers :

  • The brand is not French;
  • The bag is a bit flimsy.

Bosch Lamb and Rice Croquettes: to prevent obesity

Bosch Lamb and Rice Croquettes
Bosch Lamb and Rice Croquettes – DR

These croquettes have everything to please your dog. Rice, lamb, peas… All these ingredients will delight your four-legged friend, while taking care of his health. The good taste is not the only good point of this brand of croquettes. They are intended to facilitate the dog’s digestion by bringing a certain balance to its diet. This is also why they are particularly recommended in the prevention of obesity. Improved saddle textures, a happy dog, a good amount of protein to give him energy… All these qualities are there, and at a very attractive price.

Most :

  • A fairly attractive price;
  • Kibbles prevent obesity;
  • Stool quality is improved;
  • The immune system is strengthened.

The lessers :

  • The brand is not French;
  • The croquettes are quite large;
  • The bag is not practical.

Royal Canin Maxi Adult Croquettes: the French brand recommended by veterinarians

Royal Canin Maxi Adult Dry Dog Food
Royal Canin Maxi Adult Dry Dog Food – DR

Everyone knows the Royal Canin brand. Their ranges of croquettes have been available for several years on the market. Beyond its celebrity, it is above all the quality of the food that is remarkable. In addition to facilitating your dog’s digestion, he will be satisfied every time. The protein to calorie ratio is really good. Your dog will have all the energy he needs, without gaining weight. They are often recommended by veterinarians. One last element to take into account when choosing these kibbles? The brand is French.

Most :

  • The brand is French;
  • The croquettes are of excellent quality;
  • The taste is very popular with dogs;
  • Stool quality is improved;
  • The brand offers many different varieties.

The lessers :

  • The price remains quite high;
  • The smell is very strong;
  • Contains cereals;
  • Kibbles tend to soften quickly.

Nature’s Variety Selected Adult dry food: healthy and tasty

Nature's Variety Selected Adult Dry Food
Nature’s Variety Selected Adult Dry Food – DR

As its name suggests, the Nature’s Variety brand offers foods made from natural elements. Chicken, potatoes, carrots or even apples are chosen with care. Without cereals, these croquettes are enriched by the presence of sweet potatoes and chickpeas, which constitute a good source of fibers. Your dog will love this complete free-range chicken diet. All this, while being quickly satiated. In addition to iron health, your pet will have soft and shiny hair. Healthy and natural without sacrificing taste: that’s what you’ll get by choosing these kibbles.

Most :

  • Contains only quality ingredients;
  • Without cereals (more digestible animal proteins);
  • Makes the hair soft and silky;
  • The croquettes contain a lot of vegetables.

The lessers :

  • This product is not made in France;
  • The package does not close.

Acana Heritage Light & Fit: ideal for neutered dogs

Acana Heritage Light & Fit
Acana Heritage Light & Fit – DR

If your dog is overweight or tends to gain weight easily, these kibbles are ideal for him. The best food cooked with the best ingredients: that’s what the brand promises. Dogs love these croquettes, made with fresh products with a high fiber content. If they prevent obesity, they also bring energy and vitality to your animal. Without cereals, they are composed of a clever balance of vitamins and minerals. Your canine will only be in better health, while really having an excellent appetite.

Most :

  • Foods cooked with care;
  • Excellent protein rate;
  • Very few carbohydrates;
  • Stool quality is improved;
  • For sterilized dogs, but not only.

The lessers :

  • Kibbles are expensive;
  • The brand is not French;
  • The bag is not really practical.

Why choose grain-free dog food?

By nature, a dog is a carnivore. Even though he is now a domesticated animal, his diet will not be able to change drastically. It is largely for this reason that a canine’s diet should consist mainly of meat. But why is it better to avoid cereals in kibble? Quite simply because they are not easily digestible for a dog, or even potentially allergenic. The grain-free diet therefore offers alternatives to wheat, barley or corn. They are, most of the time, replaced by ingredients of animal origin, fruits or vegetables. The original diet of dogs is better respected. And this is felt significantly with better muscle development, better quality stools or even a silkier coat.

As with your own food, your dog deserves the highest quality. To find the ideal brand for your croquettes, the best thing is still to try. Your four-legged friend will be able to make you understand his preferences perfectly.

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