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Midterms: 2022 US Midterm Electionscase

Capitalizing on his legislative successes, the decline in inflation, the defense of abortion and the threat of Trump, the President is recovering. Promised to a debacle, the Democratic camp could save part of its majority in Congress.

Neither the actors nor the observers of American political life, despite being experienced in twists and turns of sounding curves, had anticipated it. While at the beginning of the summer a debacle still seemed promised to the Democratic camp during the “midterms” of November 8, both in view of Biden’s abysmal unpopularity, an unfriendly economic context and historical precedents , almost inevitably disastrous for the administration in place, a few weeks of unbridled convulsions of the news were enough to clear the Democratic horizon to restore color and perspective to it.

This reversal of fortune, the Democrats owe it in part to themselves, since the legislative record of presidential action suddenly expanded in August in proportions enviable by many of Biden’s predecessors – from a law “historic” (but almost innocuous) on gun regulation to student debt relief for the less fortunate. With, at the pinnacle…


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