What fruits and vegetables to eat in October?

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Fill up on fall flavors!

This month of October marks the return of autumn. This humid and colorful season offers its share of comforting flavors. To consume in season, here is a small overview of the fruits and vegetables to favor in your supermarket bags.

The fruits

Autumn brings with it its very specific flavors. The fruits to be eaten in October are rich and varied. In particular, we can start tasting tangerines and apples. But certain exotic fruits are also making a comeback in our supermarkets, such as kaffir limes or soursops.

Certain dried fruits, such as chestnuts, dates, walnuts or even pistachios are making a comeback, and should be eaten before winter comes. October is also the last month of the year to eat strawberries, wild strawberries, currants or even hazelnuts. Enjoy!

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The vegetables

If you love squash, pumpkin and pumpkin, this is the crucial time to eat it! Certain winter vegetables are making a comeback on our shelves, such as Jerusalem artichokes, parsnips and even different types of cabbage. With some delicious recipe ideas, you will have a month of October rich in autumnal flavors!

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