What food for a return to sport?

We must forget the sweet breakfast, with milk, cereals and orange juice, not very satisfying in the long term“. The specialist recommends turning to a salty meal, based on proteins, quality carbohydrates and fatty acids rich in omega 3. Among the recommended foods, wholemeal bread, cottage cheese, ham, eggs, oilseeds, fresh fruit, not fruit juice.

For lunch,divide your plate: half vegetables, a quarter protein and a quarter whole carbohydrates“. That is to say pasta or brown rice or potatoes in pieces. And if possible avoid dessert, even fruit.

“In some people, a fruit can block digestion, cause bloating.”

Between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m., a sweet snack, made up of good sugar, such as dark chocolate, fruit or, in the event of sporting activity in the evening, oilseeds or a dairy product.

To end the day, a light dinner with vegetables, such as a mixed salad or ratatouille. To this, add a lean protein, such as chicken breast or fish. For a vegetarian, you can replace with vegetable proteins, such as lentils, chickpeas, soy, etc. “Be careful all the same at the risk of deficiencies in certain nutrients, in particular iron, vitamin B12“, warns Cécile Capdeville, who recommends for vegetarians and vegans to be followed by a professional.

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