What are the smartest dog breeds?

Although all breeds of dogs are definitely man’s best friend, some know how to stand out for their intelligence.

This is what the American researcher Stanley Coren tried to demonstrate after several years of research. Thanks to his studies on the cognitive faculties of the dog, he was able to establish 3 types of intelligence. Innate intelligence comes from genes and other genetic factors. There is also work intelligence and adaptive intelligence. Indeed, some dog breeds are easier to train than others. They possess instincts that allow them to learn commands and practices more quickly. Analytical and reaction skills are also factors of intelligence in dogs. This allowed Coren to establish a ranking.

Honor to sheepdogs

In first place, the border collie was designated as the most intelligent dog. This is a herding dog that hates idleness. Indeed, he has an overflowing energy which allows him to have great working faculties. He often comes up in sheepdog competitions and is known for his agility and obedience. The Australian Shepherd also has a great intelligence. As his name suggests, he is an excellent herding dog and he likes to work and exert himself with the herds. The German Shepherd also knows how to stand out for his intelligence and that is why he often works alongside law enforcement. He knows how to obey, but he also needs to exert himself on a daily basis.

Other intelligent dog breeds

Sheepdogs have proven themselves. However, let’s not forget the intelligence of the poodle. This breed of dog known for its affection for humans is also famous for its acrobatic prowess. It is easy to teach him some tricks and numbers. The Rottweiler suffers from a bad image, but above all it remains an affectionate and devoted dog to its master. He is obedient and wants above all to please his family. For this, he learns very quickly and can be very useful in certain trades. Finally, the golden retriever also deserves its place in the category of intelligent dogs. He proves it by being effective as a guide and guide dog. He is easy to train and shows great affection to his master. He is loyal and very playful. Its good sense of smell also allows it to be used as a tracking dog in the detection of explosives.

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