What are the smartest cat breeds?

When it comes to animal intelligence, certain species immediately come to mind. But do you know that your cat may be on the list of the smartest breeds?

The animal world never ceases to surprise us, especially in terms of intelligence. Over the centuries, researchers have thus discovered the astonishing intellectual faculties of many species inhabiting our planet. This is particularly the case of the chimpanzee, but also of the gifted animals of the animal kingdom such as the crow or the dolphin. However, our pets can also turn out to be very intelligent. In this area, the cat hides its game well. With a brain of more than 300 million neurons, the cat has many faculties that it uses in its daily life, whether to play or go hunting and bring back corpses. . While intelligence is essential for alley cats to survive on the streets, some indoor cat breeds also have this quality.

Thinking, observation and communication skills: the strengths of the most intelligent cat breeds

In cats, intelligence can take many forms. For example, the Siamese cat makes his master understand what he wants by using his meows and gestures. It even happens to answer the questions that its master asks, which earned it the nickname “human cat”. While bobtails (whether American or Japanese) are known for their keen sense of observation and quick wits. They are cats who love puzzles and enjoy toys that challenge their thinking skills. Finally, there are even cat breeds so intelligent that they can be trained like dogs, such as the Maine Coon, this giant cat breed recognizable by its pointed ears.

Empathy, a quality present in many intelligent cats

Among the assets of intelligent breeds, empathy is a character trait that is often put forward. Intelligent cats sense when their masters aren’t feeling well and seek out their touch. This is the case, for example, of the European Burmese, a short-haired cat with a very playful nature and sometimes reminiscent of the dog in its behavior and its contact with humans. This is also the case of the Maine Coon, which is very cuddly and therefore acclaimed by many masters with or without children. Finally, the Turkish Angora cat, with its docile character and its great adaptability, is also included in the list of the most intelligent breeds.

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