What are the regions where people admit to throwing away a lot?

The north would waste more than the south. This is the result of a survey* conducted by the Censuswide Institute for the HelloFresh brand, a specialist in cooking boxes. Where it appears, that on average, the French admit to throwing 67 euros of food per month. And in this survey, it is the Ile-de-France residents and northerners who show the highest rate of waste. Those who throw away food the least tend to be found in the southwest.

Established from national data, this regional ranking should be taken with a grain of salt. Nevertheless, there is a difference of 6 euros between the cost of weekly waste in the north and the Paris region (20 euros) and the south-west (14 euros). This mismanagement represents about a quarter of food purchases.

Between a quarter and a half of the races thrown away

According to the respondents, more than a quarter of northerners throw away between a quarter and half of their shopping. In the east, they are half as heavily wasting food.

Products purchased in excessive quantities or which end up in the trash before being consumed, in the context of rising inflation and declining purchasing power, this practice of food waste, rooted in behavior, will it last? The survey was conducted in May 2022.

*Survey carried out on 1,679 people representative of the population aged 18 and over.

And in Europe?

The same survey carried out in different European countries shows that the French are not the most wasteful. On average, the food waste budget amounts to 18.5 euros per week in France. It is higher in Belgium (18.9 euros), Denmark (20 euros), and especially in Norway (25.1 euros). It is lower in Sweden (18.2 euros), the Netherlands (17.5 euros), Germany (17.2 euros) and especially in the United Kingdom (12.8 euros).

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