Westerners continue military aid

Defend the present and prepare for the future. The United States announced, Thursday, September 8, a new military aid of 1.7 billion dollars (1.68 billion euros) in favor of Ukraine, shared between immediate deliveries of materials, taken from the stocks from the US Army, and orders for manufacturers across the Atlantic. “Our support for Ukraine’s fundamental right to defend itself does not waver”assured the American Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, during a meeting organized on the American base of Ramstein, in Germany, with the fifty allied countries of kyiv.

In detail, Washington has pledged to deliver $ 675 million in weapons now, including four 105 mm guns, ammunition for Himars multiple rocket launchers, anti-radar missiles, 100 Humvee vehicles, 1,000 RAAM shells to scatter anti-tank mines, 50 armored medical vehicles… According to the Pentagon, this is the twentieth withdrawal made from American military arsenals for Ukraine since August 2021. On the same day, Great Britain announced the sending of 120 logistics vehicles, for “move armor and artillery over great distances”while Norway promised 160 Hellfire anti-tank missiles and night vision equipment.

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Preparing for after

These new deliveries were insistently demanded by Ukraine, which at the end of August embarked on a double-pronged counter-offensive against the Russian army, first in the south and then in the north-east of country. The staff of the armed forces of kyiv announced, Thursday, to have reconquered about twenty localities around Kharkiv, in the north-east of Ukraine, and broke the Russian lines on about fifty kilometers. “The Ukrainian move to attract Russian forces [dans le sud] in Kherson is clearly one of the great strategic moves of the war”, commented on Twitter Phillips O’BrienProfessor of Strategic Studies at the Scottish University of Saint Andrews.

If they continue their help to defeat the“special military operation” of Vladimir Putin, Westerners also intend to prepare for the aftermath, when the guns have fallen silent and the countries on the eastern flank of Europe will have to come to terms with a Russia that is no doubt diminished but perhaps still threatening. During a surprise visit to kyiv on Thursday, the American Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, thus announced another envelope of 1 billion dollars, intended to finance future purchases of armaments by kyiv from American industrialists.

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