Weinstein trial: the producer’s lawyer makes a daring request to one of his accusers

The lawyer did not stop there, being surprised that Jennifer Siebel Newsom continued to exchange e-mails with Harvey Weinstein thereafter for several years. For example to thank him for inviting her to the Oscars after-party. Or, more awkwardly, to fund her husband’s election campaigns. “I was messing around“, she replied, visibly embarrassed. “You were messing around with a man who raped you?“, then got carried away Mark Werksman.

In a statement released after the hearing, Elizabeth Fegan, one of Jennifer Siebel Newsom’s lawyers, criticized Harvey Weinstein’s defense for seeking “discredit without the slightest scruple“. But that she stood by her statements.”She knew it would have been easier to keep that memory of 2005 buried forever. But she felt an obligation to speak up for herself, her family, the women who spoke up and also those who weren’t able to.


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