“We were going to eat a fries that paraded on the conveyor belt”: the cafeterias of Puy-de-Dôme, symbols of another era

Martine remembers the cafeteria at the Galeries de Jaude “as if it were yesterday. We had to climb to the top floor. There were people, it was the big queue! There weren’t all these restaurants in town and companies didn’t have canteens yet, so I went to eat there when I was working in the area in the early 1970s.” The resident of Pont-du-Château sees “the little waitresses. There was even a lady who placed you on arrival. The dishes were laid out on a conveyor belt, it was very modern. »

Fired overnight from the cafeteria in Issoire (Puy-de-Dôme): “I never thought I would end my career like this” (May 2022)

Gilles hasn’t forgotten the self-service in the Galeries either: “Between 6 p.m. horseshoe-shaped conveyor belt to its recipient. It was happiness because then we were going to dine in the refectory of the school of the kitchen resulting from cans. »

Flank steak with shallots

As a child, Sophie went from time to time with her parents to the Brézet cafeteria, “to eat a shallot flank steak with fries. I don’t remember the starters or the desserts, only the flank steak?! »

During the opening of Géant Casino with its cafeteria, in Chamalières, on April 5, 1990.

Isabelle was a regular at the Miami cafeteria, with “its large exotic spaces and its islands of greenery under the Saint-Jacques viaduct, adjoining the Atac supermarket at the time… A meeting point for families, students, a haven for peace, a break in town. A cafeteria like there will never be again. »

In the last cafeterias of Puy-de-Dôme: “I feel as good there as in a three star”

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Marielle Bastide


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