We tasted the 2 new Vachon cakes and here’s how it went

We all know that two negatives make a positive. But what happens when you combine two positives? For example, if we merge two delicious cakes, will the result be a third delicious cake?

Vachon decided to give it a try by launching two new cakes which are themselves fusions of two of their popular cakes and we are very excited.

That’s a lot of math, we’ll explain

For the past two weeks, we have been able to find Ah Louis (combo of Ah Caramel! and Jos Louis) and Passion Caramel! (combo of Ah Caramel! and Passion Flakie) on Quebec grocery store shelves.

The Bag of Crisps

The Bag of Crisps

Of course, the Bag of Chips is always up for trying new snacks, so when Vachon invited us to taste it all, we ran to the grocery store to buy a box. Ok, we bought several boxes.

The Bag of Crisps

After going to the checkout, Philippe (a team member) couldn’t wait to get in the car and he unpacked an Ah Louis directly in the parking lot.

“Crime that’s good” he exclaimed with his mouth full like a class step.

Our verdict more detailed than “Crime qu’est bon” by Ah Louis

The Ah Louis is identical to an Ah Caramel!, but inside, instead of being white cake, we find the mythical red chocolate cake of Jos Louis – also known as Red Velvet! (Because yes, Vachon was making Red Velvet long before it became ultra-popular thanks to the famous fashion for cupcakes of 2012.)

The Bag of Crisps

Result: it’s better than the homemade version that we have already tried to patent with our two favorite cakes.

The Bag of Crisps

Once in the car, Caroline (the head of content for the bag of chips) hastened to taste it in turn. Her reaction was similar to that of Philippe, but she refrained from crowning. “That’s good,” she said.

To taste the Passion Caramel!, the team waited to get out of the car, so as not to leave any crumbs everywhere.

Our more detailed verdict than Passion Caramel’s “Crime que c’est bon ça aussi”!

Just like the Ah Louis devoured above, the puff pastry also has a rich caramel taste that is pleasant to the bite.

The caramel fills the flaky surface of the dessert nicely, making it not at all dry. Everything is better with caramel. Well, we must admit that the original Passion Flakie still had the advantage of being one of the only Vachon cakes with a nice portion of fruit (like). But let’s face it, caramel is as much fun as fruit!

By eating it, we made a lot of crumbs anyway, but that’s part of its charm.

Both of these cakes are definitely worth trying.

Collective hysteria

Of course, the Bag of Chips team isn’t the only fan of Vachon cupcakes. After all, they’ve been on the shelves for two weeks already, so you can imagine that we’re not the only savvy people to have tasted them.

On TikTok, a man named Étienne has created an account in which he shows his love for Vachon, while showing the unusual objects he has accumulated over the years.

Our favorite video: his Big Shiny Vachon 1999 compilation, which brings together classics inspired by your Vachon cakes.

Bonus: international taste test

Within hours of purchasing the new desserts, the Bag of Chips team had a weekend planned in New Brunswick. We have kindly agreed to share our cakes with residents of our neighboring province.

The following phrases were heard: “It tastes really good” and “It’s good at full that”.

A man whose Ah Caramel! is the favorite cake Vachon even launched: “It’s better than the original!”

Whether to taste the Oh Louis or to Passion Caramel!go to the grocery store to try them out and let us know your verdict in the comments.

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