We now know a typical menu of prehistoric cuisine

You have surely already asked yourself the question: what could we eat in prehistoric times? Researchers have just provided some answers by studying the remains of Neolithic dwellings in northern Scotland.

A team of scientists from the University of Bristol has indeed been interested in various tools found in crannogs, small artificial islands where people lived several thousand years ago. Thanks to the chemical analysis of ancient pottery (probably 6,000 years old), they were able to detail the diet of these peoples. And the least we can say is that it is not at all reduced to a single bland and unenviable product as one might imagine!

Dairy products, cereals and meat

So what were the culinary traditions of the time? According to the study, reported by The Independent, these peoples of Britain ate mainly cereals, dairy products and meat. But they had their own way of preparing them: they cooked everything and mixed everything together.

Cereals were indeed cooked in pots then mixed with the various dairy products of the time and, if available, a little meat, transformed into a thick porridge. The whole thing served as a stew, which does not have much to envy to current British cuisine.

In the kitchen, we didn’t do anything either. The smaller pans were used for cereals with milk, while the larger ones were for meat dishes. And it’s a safe bet that they didn’t really want to do all that washing up once they were full either.

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