“We Can Destroy Israel, Even Without Nuclear Weapons” (Iranian official)

The United States, however, confirmed the progress of talks for a nuclear agreement

As Tehran threatens to “destroy Israel”, the United States admitted on Monday that the chances of signing a nuclear agreement are increasing – and welcomes Tehran’s moves in this direction.

Amir Ali Khajizada, a senior member of the Revolutionary Guards, expressed hope for the destruction of Israel. “Even without a nuclear weapon, we can destroy Israel many times over,” he said. “We can do that with conventional warheads.”

US State Department spokesman Ned Price, however, confirmed the progress of the talks as well as the Iranian concession on the issue of giving up removing the Revolutionary Guards from the list of terrorist organizations.

“There are still issues that need to be addressed and gaps exist,” spokesman Price said during last night’s briefing. “We are working as quickly as possible to formulate an appropriate response to Iran’s comments on the European Union’s draft document.”

He further admitted, “If Iran had submitted a decisive response, we might not be at this stage of the message exchange.”

During the briefing, he added that the United States was “encouraged that Iran has backed down from impossible demands” such as rescinding the definition of the Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist organization. “We still have to clarify some things.”

Iran has accused the United States of “imposing delays” during the indirect talks on returning to the nuclear deal.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman said the Americans were delaying the signing and there was inactivity on the European side. “America and Europe need an agreement more than we do,” he said.

European Union foreign policy commissioner Joseph Borrell said Iran’s response to the plan to return to the nuclear deal was “logical”.

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