watch out for these goat’s cheese logs from a large distributor!

After the massive recall of different brands of goat logs, two new references are the subject of a product recall. These could contain pieces of glass, metal, plastic or even paper.

Definitely, cheese is in the news. On September 13, many brands of goat logs were widely recalled. In question, the presence of metallic foreign bodies in the products.

This Thursday, September 22, two new references of a Leclerc brand were recalled for the same reason. Be very vigilant!

Which products are affected?

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The recall concerns the melting goat cheese log 180 gr and the Sainte-Maure goat cheese log 300 gr of the brand The crusaders. These two products were marketed between 08/22/2022 and 09/21/2022, in all Leclerc stores in France. The reason for their recall: presence of metallic foreign bodies.

The two products concerned are:

  • GTIN 3564700606865, Date of minimum durability between 09/25/2022 and 10/14/2022
  • GTIN 3564700562406, Date of minimum durability between 09/25/2022 and 10/14/2022

What if you have it at home?

“Due to the risk of injury/adverse effects from ingesting this product”, the Conso Reminder website (the government site that lists all recalls of finished products intended for consumers) advises you to do not consume these goat cheese logs, to contact consumer service and bring them back to the storeat the nearest point of sale, in order to proceed with a refund.

More information on the Rappel Conso website, but also by phone at 0800865286.

Want to know more about the health risks of food recalls, refer to our guide to food recalls.

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