Washington offers two million dollars to Cuba after Hurricane Ian

These two million dollars “will contribute to our reconstruction efforts and support” for those affected by the hurricane, explained the Cuban authorities.

Washington announced Tuesday to allocate two million dollars in emergency aid to Cuba after the passage of Hurricane Ian, an initiative accepted by Havana.

The United States is providing the Cuban people with “crucial humanitarian assistance” through its international development agency and “trusted international partners” who work directly with Cubans whose communities have been devastated by the storm, Ned said. Price, the State Department spokesman, in a statement.

Significant damage

The passage of hurricane Ian on Cuba at the end of September had killed two people, caused significant damage and plunged the island into darkness. Heading then to the United States, Ian had killed more than a hundred people in several southern states, including hard-hit Florida.

Cuba is a sensitive political subject in the United States, which is home to a large community of Cuban exiles, particularly in Florida.

Joe Biden had promised when he arrived at the White House to review US policy towards Cuba, which has been subject to a US embargo since 1962, but toughened his rhetoric after Havana’s harsh crackdown on massive anti-government protests in July 2021.

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