Warner Bros. Discovery will advance the launch of its unified platform in the United States

The third quarter was quite good for Warner Bros Discovery despite the recent restructuring. So much so that the firm has decided to bring forward the launch of its unified platform in the United States, which could have repercussions on the global calendar.

While Lionsgate has indicated it wants to cut back by pulling its Lionsgate+ platform out of seven territories following the release of its third quarter results, Warner Bros. Discovery seems to want to go in the opposite direction.

A faster than expected launch in the United States

However, the entity which was born from the merger between Warner Bros. and Discovery recorded a net loss of 2.3 billion dollars during the quarter, following the restructuring. But it won 2.8 million new subscribers, reaching a total of 94.9 million subscribers to the various platforms that will be combined in the future.

In addition, Warner Bros Discovery intends to advance the launch of this unified platform. The launch would now be scheduled for the spring of 2023. Originally, the release was to take place during the summer of 2023 across the Atlantic as indicated by the original schedule. The platform will therefore be available, at best, several months in advance or even a few weeks.

On the other hand, we do not know if this will be passed on internationally, the release is for the moment still planned for the beginning of 2024 in Europe. This shortened time could also be profitable for us, but Warner Bros Discovery most certainly leaves a little margin before talking about it again.

Question price, the CEO of Warner Bros Discovery indicated that it should most likely be beyond the 15 dollars per month of the only HBO Max, but that could change locally or with various promotions according to Digital TV. In addition, a subscription with advertising is also planned, just like on HBO Max currently.

And in terms of content, Warner Bros. Discovery intends to focus on DC franchises to compete with Marvel as well as Harry Potter, which could result in new series and new films in these two universes.

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