War in Ukraine: “We have never exported weapons or ammunition”, North Korea denies helping Russia militarily and asks the United States to “shut up”

These statements come as the United States previously said that Russia was supplying arms from North Korea.

The North Korea said Thursday that she had never supplied arms or ammunition to Russia and that she did not plan to do so, while warning the United States of “to shut up“and stop spreading rumors aimed at”tarnish“the image of the country.

“Recently, the United States and other hostile forces raised the UNSC ‘violation of a resolution’, spreading an ‘arms smuggling rumor’ between the DPRK and Russia… We never had exported weapons or ammunition to Russia before and we do not plan to export themsaid said an official from the General Office of Equipment of the Ministry of Defense in a statement published by the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA).

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War in Ukraine: Russia supplies artillery ammunition from North Korea, according to the United States

“Potential purchase”

US State Department Deputy Spokesman Vedant Patel said earlier this month that Russia “is in the process ofbuy millions of rockets and artillery shells from North Korea for use in Ukraine“.

Calling it a “potential purchase”White House national security spokesman John Kirby later clarified that there was no “no indication that the purchase was made and certainly no indication that these weapons are used inside Ukraine”.

The Russia also denied the allegations and asked the United States to provide evidence.

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