War in Ukraine: How the United States contributed to the success of the counter-offensive



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L.De la Mornais, B.Laigle, K.Sullivan de Bergh, Z.Boughzou – France 2

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What role does the White House play in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine? Beyond the 14 billion dollars spent and the arms deliveries, it seems that it also has a real role as a strategic adviser in the Ukrainian army’s counter-offensive.

How did the Ukrainians manage to regain control and lead such a spectacular counter-offensive? Their patriotic commitment is of course for some thing, but there is also a very powerful godfather: United States. Indeed, their incomparable intelligence system and the first fleet of military satellites in the world have greatly helped the Ukrainians. Experts believe that the Ukrainian generals were able to build their strategy thanks to these tools.

The United States is clearly providing the Ukrainians with information about the location of the Russians on the battlefield. The Ukrainians can then attack these Russian units such as ammunition depots, command posts“, thinks an expert. A few days ago, the American Secretary of State was in kyiv (Ukraine) to announce to President Zelensky a new tranche of military aid.

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