Wanting to have a better life, this stray cat sets off in search of its guardian angels (video)

Cheetos may have thought the outdoors would suit him, but the cold weather in Canada will prove him wrong. The day he decided to show up at the window of a house, he had probably made the best decision.

It is in the neighborhoods of Montreal that Cheetos will spend the first years of its existence, reports lovemeow. The orange-and-white cat could rely on locals for food, but freezing temperatures will soon leave it vulnerable.

Difficult beginnings for the quadruped

The hairball then climbed on the sill of a window of a house, to try to be spotted by its occupants. This is how he surprised Marie Pierher ” good fairy as the members of Montreal Orphan Kittens.

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Orphan Kittens Montreal / Facebook

The Good Samaritan noticed that the feline was limping and that its ears had been damaged by the cold. She then decided to welcome him under her roof, until the shelter mentioned above took care of him.

The association has enabled Cheetos to be examined by a veterinarian. The volunteers will learn that he has cat AIDS, and that he has a broken hip, for which he will soon be operated on.

All the feline care went perfectly. He was cooperative throughout the process, and was able to enjoy a serene convalescence at Joshhis foster father.

The worst was behind him

It only remained for him to enjoy the luxury of indoor living. Cheetos became more and more affectionate day by day, and discovered a fascination for “ catnip infused toys “.

The cat, a fan of boxes of all kinds, will have a lot of love to give to his future adoptive family. Today, the twink is still looking for them, and the volunteers are doing everything they can to find her as soon as possible.

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