Wagyu beef to conquer Beauce

200 [bœufs] et quand on a commencé il y a six ans, on avait une vache!”,”text”:”On est rendu aux alentours de200 [bœufs] et quand on a commencé il y a six ans, on avait une vache!”}}”>We are at around 200 [bœufs] and when we started six years ago, we had a cow! The road has been long for Michel Vachon, co-owner of Westmount breeding, but now his work is rewarded. Japanese breed beef is growing in popularity.

Businessman Michel Vachon is a jack-of-all-trades. The trained accountant was also a butcher. For the past six years, he has operated Élevages Westmount with his associates in Saint-Joseph-de-Beauce.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Philippe Grenier

People are leaving from Lac-Mégantic, Quebec, Victoriaville, Thetford Mines and Lévis. »

A quote from Michel Vachon, co-owner, Les Élevages Westmount

About 80% of his sales are made at his shop set up next to the barn where customers can see the Wagyu cattle through the window.

Beef fed only on dry hay appeals to consumers because of its meat aged between 30 and 45 days after slaughter. The marbling gives it a buttery and nutty taste when cooked. It doesn’t compare to anything on the markethe says proudly.

A man holds packaged meat in his hands while in a shop.

Michel Vachon now receives online orders on his website and offers delivery service.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Philippe Grenier

An ox is slaughtered each week, yielding just under 500 pounds of meat. With his online sales, Michel Vachon now hopes to double his production in two years. You put so much effort and time that it is a pride that you have to show your animals.

Positive impact of the pandemic

The pandemic played a big role in the success of the company, which had just started selling its products three years ago.

On Saturday night, I was sitting in my living room, the texts were coming in, people were sending me pictures of their cooked meals. »

A quote from Michel Vachon, co-owner, Les Élevages Westmount

Wagyu is a luxury meat and people couldn’t go out. The luxury they could afford is good food at homeexplains the Joselois.

A burger on a plate with fries.

The Westmount burger is served with fondant leeks, pears, bacon and black garlic mayonnaise at Les 5 moulins restaurant.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Philippe Grenier

Wagyu beef on the menu in restaurants

At the restaurant Les 5 moulins de La Guadeloupe in Beauce, Wagyu beef has been served since last weekend. The chef, Véronique Paré, prepares a Wagyu beef burger from Westmount farms With lots of love.

A female chef in her kitchen holds a Wagyu beef burger in her hand with salad, du.  bacon and cheese.

Véronique Paré, chef of the restaurant Les 5 moulins de La Guadeloupe also cooks Wagyu beef when she travels to her home with her company Les Petits Plats Divins. “It’s tender, it melts in your mouth,” she explains.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Philippe Grenier

It’s an ox that’s a tick above [des autres]. »

A quote from Véronique Paré, chef of the restaurant Les 5 moulins

The establishment’s co-owner, Laurie Lévesque, is also full of praise. Local products are featured on the menu. It fit perfectly with the type of products we wanted to highlight, give a platform to local producers in the surrounding area.

A man and a woman stand in front of a bar in a restaurant.

Laurie Lévesque and Olivier Higgins have owned the restaurant Les 5 moulins de La Guadeloupe since July 2021.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Philippe Grenier

A growing product in Quebec

Jeannot Luckenuik, owner of Wagyu Quebec, was the first breeder in Quebec nearly a dozen years ago. bœufs par mois, on est rendu 15à 20bœufs par mois”,”text”:”Il y a une très très bonne croissance. […] Les premières années, on vendait 3-4bœufs par mois, on est rendu 15à 20bœufs par mois”}}”>There is very, very good growth. […] In the first years, we sold 3-4 oxen per month, we are now at 15 to 20 oxen per monthhe notes.

According to MAPAQa dozen Quebec farms and 39 Canadian farms are members of theAmerican Wagyu Association.

A refrigerator in an IGA.

The IGA food markets in Saint-Georges, Sainte-Marie and Thetford Mines sell meat from Westmount Farms.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Philippe Grenier

Jeannot Luckenuik wants to see the succession continue. mois pour les tuer. Ils démissionnent”,”text”:”Les gens qui partent [un élevage de bœufs Wagyu] n’ont pas la patience d’attendre 26-27mois pour les tuer. Ils démissionnent”}}”>people who leave [un élevage de bœufs Wagyu] don’t have the patience to wait 26-27 months to kill them. They resignexplains the pioneer who advocates patience.

With a partner, Wagyu Quebec now produces a sausage made entirely from Japanese breed beef.

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