Volunteers rescue cat they think is stray, only to find it’s been desperately searched for for months

Once again, it was the identification chip of a lost pet that allowed him to return to his family. The owner of a cat named Hobbes had camped there for several days in the hope of finding him after he ran away.

A cat was found thanks to its microchip more than 3 months after escaping at the edge of a lake, reported KelownaNow Wednesday, November 2.

In mid-July, the tabby feline by the name of Hobbes accompanied his human on a road trip. Came from Victoria in British Columbia (Western Canada), the duo had to stay by the lake kennedyon the other side of the Strait of Haro.

Illustration of the article: Volunteers rescue a cat they think is stray, but discover that it has been desperately searched for for months
BC SPCA / Facebook

Arriving near the body of water, the owner of Hobbes parked his van near a slipway. That’s when a dog appeared and scared the cat, who got scared and ran away.

His master camped there for a week, hoping to find him, but to no avail. He had to make up his mind to go home Victoria without his feline friend.

Despite everything, he tried to continue to hope to see him again. Knowing that his pet was identified by microchip helped him not to give up. He was right…

Discovered wandering around a house

3 and a half months after the disappearance of Hobbesthe refuge of the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) from British Columbia to Nanaimo called him to tell him that his cat had just been brought there.

The quadruped had been discovered and picked up while wandering around a house. The volunteers had obtained the coordinates of its owners by detecting its chip.

The SPCA from British Columbia shared the news on his page Facebook. A publication accompanied by photos showing the moving reunion of Hobbes and its owner.

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