Vitré: a new bar-restaurant with a festive atmosphere opens boulevard de Laval

Christopher Lemieux, Maxime Gallais, Anthony Cottereau and Gwénolé Roudaut will open a new bar-restaurant in Vitré. ©The Journal of Vitré

The atmosphere promises to be warm and festive. A new bar-restaurantthe B/4 for “before”, will soon open at Window at the level of the Bazin space, Laval Blvd..

“We started from an observation: in this area on the outskirts of the city, we noticed a lack in this area when there are many companies”, explain Gwenole Roudaut and Anthony Cottereauat the initiative of the project with two other partners: Christopher Lemieux and Maxime Gallais.

An afterwork like in big cities

And the quartet very quickly agreed on the type of place to set up:

We wanted a place where we can come in the evening after work, have fun, dance, have a drink. A kind of afterwork inspired by what is done in big cities, in somewhat hybrid areas like Rennes with AVEC or Morex. We will offer themed evenings each month and we already have ideas for themes.

The B/4 team

Inside, customers can enjoy a “New York loft” feel, with a mix of wood, metal and plants. We will also put contemporary art paintings,” says Gwénolé. Upstairs, another atmosphere will also be proposed: “It will be a more cozy room with a Louis XVI spirit. We want people to feel at home, at ease. This is our watchword. »

Catering at noon

in addition bar sidethe new B/4 team will offer a catering service noon from Monday to Friday. With a large room that can accommodate 90 people, they hope to attract a large clientele: “We will offer market cuisine. That is to say with fresh and local products. We will operate only in short circuit. We want dishes with flavor,” continues Anthony, who will manage the kitchen.

Every lunchtime, two starters, two dishes and two desserts will be on the menu and in the evening, there will be charcuterie and cheese platters for the aperitif.

In the evening, we want people to come to have fun and relax. We are a bit of a mix between a day bar and a night bar. We’ll bring in DJs. We really want a festive spirit.

The B/4 team

Brunch on Sunday and terrace in the spring

Starting in November, the partners will also set up a brunch at will. It will take place two Sundays per month. “Here again, we will select local products”, explain Anthony and Gwénolé.

Videos: currently on Actu

And next spring, the bar-restaurant will have a new asset: a terrace. “It will complete the room and will measure 70 m². » Although there is still some finishing work to be done, the opening is planned for on Tuesday, September 20, 2022.

Opening scheduled for Tuesday, September 20. Espace Bazin, boulevard de Laval in Vitré. Open Monday through Friday. Catering every lunchtime from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Bar open until 11 p.m. Wednesday to Friday. More information on Facebook (Restaurant B4) and Instagram (RestaurantB4).

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