viral video shows this dog ending bickering between 2 cats

Calvin the dog likes it when there is order and calm at home, and he wants to let everyone in his family know it. Starting with the 2 cats Flora and Max. As soon as the latter show themselves a little turbulent, he hastens to take action to restore discipline.

A single bark from calvin enough to restore order and peace when the cats of the family let themselves go a little bit. This is shown in a video that has gone viral on TikTok and relayed by Newsweek.

calvin the black coated Labrador Retriever lives with 2 adorable cats called Flora and Max. The trio get along wonderfully, but the dog clearly doesn’t like the peace of the house being disturbed for any reason.

The video in question was posted on TikTok by their owner Kelsey Lynna.k.a @kels_lynn22 on the social network, and totals more than a million views since it went online. She was filmed by the remote video surveillance system installed at her home.

In this sequence, we first see Flora and Max playing fight in the kitchen, without real animosity. The kind of game that we encounter in most felines, even if it sometimes goes wrong. This was not the case here, in particular because calvin came quickly.

Illustration of the article: Calvin does not trifle with discipline: a viral video shows this dog putting an end to the bickering of 2 cats
Kelsey Lynn / TikTok

An unambiguous call to order and received 5 out of 5

The mayhem caused by Flora and Max was not to the liking of the dog, who decided to make it clear to them. He burst into the room and let out a firm, authoritative bark. The effect was immediate; the twinks immediately ceased “hostilities” and separated, surprised by the reaction of calvin.

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? original sound – Kelsey Lynn

The latter, assured of a return to calm, then left with the feeling of accomplishment. Flora and Max now know that they must be on their toes in the presence of the canine.


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