VIDEO. Nascar: “I ‘Mike Tysonné’ him in the head!” Violent fight between two pilots in the United States

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This Sunday, September 25, Nascar driver Andrew Grady attacked one of his colleagues Davey Callihan during a test in Virginia. In his statements after the incident, the first named did not hide his anger, and assumed his gesture.

A violent fight broke out this Sunday, September 25, between two stock car drivers in Nascar roots, the regional branch of these very popular touring car racing events in the United States.

We’ve got tempers boiling over at @MartinsvilleSwy

Andrew Grady takes out his frustration on Davey Callihan after an accident in Heat 1@FloRacing

—NASCAR Roots (@NASCARRoots) September 24, 2022

After a qualifying round at the event held in Martinsville, Virginia, driver Andrew Grady attacked one of his colleagues Davey Callihan. The reason: Grady believed that Callihan was responsible for the accident he suffered in the race: “He was not even close to me” launched Grady after the race. “He dived in. He hooked me up and took out Brandon Pierce at the same time.”

As Grady headed to Callihan’s car for an explanation, Callihan allegedly gave the middle finger to his interlocutor, which had the gift of knocking Grady out of his hinges. “I have Mike Tysonne in his head!”, He thus launched in front of the camera.

Andrew Grady says Davey Callihan flipped him off when he went to talk so he decided to ‘Mike Tyson his head.’

He says there are dumbasses who have no business driving a Lawn Mower much less a Late Model at Martinsville.

Says that Callihan wrecked him and Brandon Pierce.

— Matt Weaver (@MattWeaverRA) September 24, 2022

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