VIDEO. Attacked by a dog, a six-year-old child is saved by his German shepherd

While playing in his garden, a six-year-old child was suddenly charged by the neighbour’s dog. Fortunately, he was immediately protected and defended by his own dog, a German shepherd. Results ? A rescue in extremis and spectacular images.

Image: HuffPost

It happened in Florida on November 8th. The attacking dog had escaped his master’s vigilance and was heading straight for the child when Tank, a one-year-old German shepherd, immediately came between him and the child before effectively fending off the intruder.

The scene was filmed by the child’s home surveillance camera. To highlight how brave their dog had been, the parents decided to share it on social media.

Look :

Quoted in an article by times nowthe mother of the child does not hide her relief:

“Our neighbour’s dog charged my son for no reason last night and my Tanky saved him from being mauled or worse.”

In another article published on the site of Metro.ukshe clarifies that Tank was not trained by a professional but that he just acted on instinct.

An instinct that may have saved the life of her child.

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