Vaud: The Canton killed a wolf from the Marchairuz pack


VaudThe Canton killed a young wolf from the Marchairuz pack

On the night of Sunday to Monday, wildlife monitors carried out a control shot.

A young wolf was shot in the canton of Vaud (pretext photo).


The Confederation has authorized the Canton of Vaud to shoot three young wolves from the Marchairuz pack. In this context, wildlife supervisors shot a wolf overnight from Sunday to Monday. “In order to guarantee the smooth running of regulatory actions, the exact location of the shooting will not be specified at this stage”, explain the cantonal authorities. The animal was then sent to the National Competence Center for Wildlife Diseases at the University of Bern (FIWI) for autopsy and identification.

In addition, two requests from the Canton are currently being assessed in Bern. The first relates to the widening of the perimeter of regulation, predations exceeding the currently authorized perimeter. The second concerns the regulation of the breeding male of the Marchairuz pack. For memory, two young wolves had already been drawn at the beginning of the year by the Canton. But one of them didn’t belong to the Marchairuz pack. However, this error did not result in no consequences for Vaud services.

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