Valérie Dutreuilh Lawyers: Restructuring and insolvency proceedings

Your name is associated with complex media files. What is your expertise?

We have effectively collaborated on technical and complex files for the past fifteen years, for example the Doux or Bio C Bon files. These cases have provided our firm with strong expertise in analyzing companies in difficulty and in supporting business leaders or takeover candidates.

Our expertise is deployed in all the problems of companies in difficulty. Upstream in the context of prevention and downstream with safeguard, recovery or liquidation procedures.

Rigor in the management of files and technicality today give the Firm a strong reputation on the national territory. Its human size and its expertise carried by 4 lawyers specialized in business law, make it a reference in restructuring and insolvency proceedings.

What challenges are companies facing today?

The last few months have been difficult, between uncertainty, reduced activity and increased costs.

Prevention measures have doubled between 2020 and 2021, due to the implementation of the Crisis Exit Plan while legal proceedings have dropped. However, PGEs and state aid have artificially maintained the cash flow of many companies and enabled them to get through the crisis, without solving the fundamental problems of some of them.

Today companies must perpetuate their activities, while gradually freeing themselves from these aids. They face many strategic trade-offs.

The ordinance of September 15, 2021 has made the choice to be made by the business manager even more complex and technical, from among the “toolbox” offered to him in the safeguard law. We help him.

When to call a lawyer?

To get through difficult times, the best weapon is anticipation. As soon as weak signals appear, the entrepreneur must contact a specialized lawyer, who, moreover, must have a perfect knowledge of the environment in which he operates on a daily basis.

Our experience, in a wide variety of contexts and sectors, thus makes it possible to quickly analyze the real situation of the company and to propose a roadmap for the sustainability of its activity in the best conditions.

Prevention or legal treatment, different alternatives exist. Accelerated receivership, which came into force in October 2021, is one that is still little known and yet particularly interesting for VSEs/SMEs. The plan is presented within three months of the opening of the procedure, thus limiting the commercial consequences.

And for buyers?

It is also an important part of our consulting activity. We represent prospective buyers, in the drafting and presentation of takeover offers before the courts. Then we accompany them for the drafting of the deeds of sale. Our technical expertise in the law of companies in difficulty, allows us to accompany them with confidence in their takeover project with a global vision.

Your DNA?

Humility, availability, pugnacity. We work alongside our clients to serve their interests, giving them the best of the experience and expertise that we have been able to develop over the years and in many cases entrusted to us.

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