Use. Cotentin: faced with the labor shortage, restaurants are adapting as best they can

It was especially in the kitchen that it was the most difficult to find arms. (©Jean-Paul BARBIER/La Manche Press)

This year 2022these are not the clients that restorers seek to attract, but rather employees. Since the end of confinementsthe workforce lack and this was particularly felt for this first summer for two years where all the activities resume.

The managers are desperate and we had to adapt to find solutions to the lack of staff. Some changes could become new ways of operating in the long term.

“We preferred to be alone than in bad company,” confides Philippe Buquet, head of Pom’Cannelle, to The Hague-du-Puits (Sleeve). Not finding reliable employees despite their many attempts (publication in the newspaper, exchanges with Pôle Emploi), Philippe and his wife chose to work only the two of them.

Necessary adjustments

To do this, they had to limit the number of coversdo no more service on the terrace and take two days off per week instead of one. “We know that we can do it together so we will continue”, explains Philippe. Because in the end, the recipes are good and the couple find their account there: they were able to make the economy two salaries.

“Customers are pretty forgiving, they know we’re all understaffed, but the tourists think it’s a shame”, laments Régis, boss of the Dolce Vita with his brother, at Valognes. This year they have simplified their map and their menu suggestions are no longer as wide as before.

Lack in the kitchen

This is what Le Goéland 1951, at Reville, chose to do. From now on, no more main dishes on the menu, but tapas that change regularly.

If people are needed in the room to provide the service, it is above all in the kitchen that it has been the most difficult to recruit since it is necessary that the personnel be qualified. This is the problem encountered by Pierre, manager of Le Goéland 1951. Not being left out of candidates, he chose to compensate for quality by quantity. This summer, his team is made up of thirty-five employees, some of whom were trained in situ by the head cook who had to work a lot of overtime.

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“Taking two weeks of vacation before, it was unthinkable, but we will do it again in the years to come”, assures the Valognes Régis. For lack of a cook and a staff divided by two, the Dolce Vita had to close its doors for two weeks in order to give leave to all those who worked the year. It was also a way of make the job attractive in the eyes of seasonal.

A problem that concerns everyone

Thanks to original or innovative ideas, some restaurants have had the chance to be highly publicized. As he thought of hire seniors for the summer, Vincent, owner of the Cabinet à délices, explains that with the media enthusiasm, he was able to “manage the game relatively well, from all over France some came to propose their candidacy”. Similarly, following its “Mission (recruitment) Impossible” video, the Goéland 1951 team received a lot of applications and support from their clients.

But this workforce problem is not limited to restaurateurs, according to Pierre, it is a phenomenon that affects all sectors, especially those “where those who work, work like crazy”.

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