Usbek & Rica – US recommends ‘anxiety screening’ for all adults

The WHO wrote it in black and white in the fall of 2020: Covid-19 had – and continues to have – a “ devastating impact on access to mental health services. Emphasizing the ” urgent need “to increase the financing of this sector, the international organization noted, at the time, that only 17% of the States planned to increase their allocated budgets” mental health and psychosocial support “. A clear statement, which UN Secretary-General António Guterres himself summed up in these words: ” We can no longer turn a blind eye to the need to drastically increase investment in mental health (…) This situation cannot last. »

All adults “over 65”

Two years later, US health authorities seem to have heard the message. They have just taken an unprecedented, albeit symbolic, step in terms of mental health. For the first time in its history, a panel of experts attached to the Ministry of Health has indeed recommended, this Tuesday, September 20, that all adults in the country benefit from a “ screening for anxiety disorders “. This independent working group with an advisory role, called the US Preventive Services Task Force, had already made the same recommendation a few months ago to “ all children and adolescents ” From the age of 8. But in view of a situation judged ” critical », the scientists chose to extend it to « all people under the age of 65 “.

As summarized by New York Timesthe objective is to prevent mental health disorders “ go undetected, and therefore untreated, for years or even decades “. This recommendation comes at a time crucial according to the expression of Lori Pbert, clinical psychologist, professor at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Massachusetts, and member of the so-called “task force”.

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