USA: Feel like a cowboy on a Wyoming ranch


Article written by la Mornais, A.Sangouard, L.Setyon – France 2

France Televisions

In a ranch located in Wyoming in the United States, all the daily life of visitors is designed to live like a cowboy. In the heart of the plains and rocky mountains of the region, the change of scenery is total.

It’s a far west greener than that of Hollywood films and yet, it is a land of cowboy par excellence. Wyoming (USA) is a state half the size of France with only 500,000 inhabitants. Two French people flew 12 hours from Grenoble (Isère) to test the experience. “It’s a dream come true. These are grandiose landscapes that we are not used to seeing in France”says Peter.

For a week, the couple will live with Monte Snookthe ranch owner. “Visitors to my ranch come from all over the world and some have become very close friends”says Monte Snook. The ranch welcomes about twenty customers who all take part in tasks such as branding the animals. After the effort, customers can relax in the mythical saloon. Experience has a cost: 1,800 euros per week per person.

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