USA: Donald Trump Summoned To Appear On Capitol Assault

“He has to be accountable. He has to answer for his actions,” the commission chairman said.

The House Committee investigating Donald Trump’s role in the Jan. 6, 2021, assault on the Capitol made the shocking announcement Thursday that it would be subpoenaing the former president, because “he is required to answer for his actions”, according to his leader.

Will the Republican billionaire comply with the summons? He didn’t say so in his first reaction to the news, but he strongly denounced the elected officials.

Why didn’t the commission “ask me to testify months ago? Why did they wait until the very end, until the last moments of their last meeting? Because the commission is a Total FIASCO which has only served to further divide our country,” he wrote on his Truth Social social network.

Earlier, the panel voted unanimously to subpoena him.

Donald Trump “is the person at the center of what happened on January 6, so we want to hear from him,” President Bennie Thompson said during a public hearing.

“He has to be accountable. He has to answer for his actions,” he added.

But it’s also about the commission “doing everything it can to tell the fullest story possible and provide recommendations to help ensure nothing like January 6 happens again in the future.” future,” he continued.

The mission of the panel, made up of seven Democrats and two Republicans, is to shed light on the behavior of the president before, during and after the attack on Capitol Hill, which shocked the world.

On that day, January 6, 2021, supporters of Donald Trump stormed the seat of Congress to try to prevent elected officials from certifying the victory of his Democratic rival, Joe Biden. Mr. Trump continues to argue against all evidence that the ballot was “stolen” from him.

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