US to kick Burkina Faso out of AGOA trade deal

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The exclusion of Ouagadougou from the program linking the world’s leading power to African countries will be effective from January 1st. The White House justifies its decision by the absence of democratic progress after two military coups in the country.

With our correspondent in the United States, David Thomson

The President of the United States explained in a letter sent to the United States Congress that he made this decision because “ the government of Burkina Faso has not made continued progress towards establishing respect for the rule of law and political pluralism “. However, these conditions, continues Joe Biden a month after the last military coup of September 30 in Burkina, are necessary within the framework of the AGOA program. The exclusion of the West African country, which has experienced two military coups since the beginning of the year, will be effective on January 1, the letter specifies.

In a statement, US Trade Ambassador Katherine Tai stressed the need for the ” Burkina Faso to take the necessary decisions to meet the conditions of the agreement and the return of democracy “. ” I will provide Burkina Faso with a clear roadmap for them to re-enter the program and our administration will work with them to achieve this. “, she added.

The list of members revised each year

Launched in 2000, the African Growth Opportunities Act aims to facilitate African exports to the United States to support development through, in particular, reductions in import taxes, subject to conditions linked to respect for human rights and good governance.

The list of member countries is revised every year. In addition to Burkina Faso, three other African countries have already been excluded program by the United States this year: Ethiopia, Guinea and Mali.


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