US economy ‘resilient’ to global turmoil, White House says

The president’s spokeswoman, Karine Jean-Pierre, said the United States was “in a better position than other countries”.

The US executive believes that the world’s leading power “remains resilient in the face of global challenges“, said the White House on Wednesday after a meeting of several ministers and advisers around President Joe Biden. The team judged “necessary to continue to make progress in reducing prices and in the implementation of historic public investments in infrastructure, industry and the energy transitionput on track since the start of the 79-year-old Democrat’s term, according to a statement.

A little earlier, the president’s spokeswoman, Karine Jean-Pierre, had estimated that the United States was “in a better position than other countries” at a time when warnings of a potential global economic crisis are multiplying. The director general of the World Trade Organization on Tuesday predicted a “global recession” while the world is in the throes of “multiple crises”.

The financial situation in the UK is also causing concern. The Bank of England intervened urgently on Wednesday in the face of “real risks to UK financial stability”in reaction to the turbulence triggered by an expensive budget plan from London, sharply criticized by the IMF.


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