US deprives China of access to artificial intelligence chips

Nvidia no longer has the right to export certain chips necessary for the development of artificial intelligence applications to China and Russia. NVIDIA

ANALYSIS – This new salvo of restrictions imposed by Washington weakens Nvidia, the main exporter concerned.

This is a new notch in the escalation of the technological-commercial war that Washington is waging against Beijing. The US Department of Commerce now requires manufacturers of graphics processors designed specifically for artificial intelligence (AI) to obtain authorization to be able to export their products to China and Russia. In other words, Nvidia and AMD no longer have the right to sell to companies in these countries certain crucial chips necessary for the development of artificial intelligence applications such as, for example, image recognition or high performance computing.

Washington justified this change of rules by an imperative of “national security“, these components can power AI technologies used for military purposes. Washington has taken several measures in recent months to slow Chinese players’ access to cutting-edge components, and thus slow down their progress in the use of artificial intelligence.

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