Unusual cat: The Kurilian bobtail

Although existing since at least the 17th century in the Russian archipelago of the Kuriles, this natural breed has remained unknown due to the political withdrawal of the Soviet Union; it was not recognized until the early 1990s and approved in Europe in 2003. Although it is different from the Japanese bobtail, the Kurilian bobtail or Kurilian bobtail has difficulty in being approved by feline federations because of the similarities between the two breeds, both of which have short, pom-pom tails.

The Kurilian bobtail has a compact and powerful body. His back is arched; its frame and musculature are powerful, with medium-length legs and round feet. Its trapezium-shaped head has high, prominent cheekbones and a marked muzzle. His eyes are large and almost round; all colors are accepted as long as they match the dress. The ears, medium, are quite spaced.

The short tail of the Kurilian bobtail, similar to that of the Japanese bobtail, has longer hair than that of the rest of the body, forming a pom-pom. It measures between 3 and 8 cm and has different names depending on its length and shape; the most sought-after type of tail is called “spiral” and has a more or less coiled shape. The fur of this cat can be short or medium-long with a thick undercoat; all colors and patterns are allowed.

Good to know

This robust cat is very resistant: he fears neither the cold nor the rain. It is a great outdoor cat that needs a lot of space. He excels at hunting and fishing and loves to play in the water. It is therefore not really made for life in an apartment, where it may feel cramped. It is also a breed that likes a certain independence.

Despite this, the Kurilian bobtail is extremely sociable. Very affectionate and playful, he loves children and has no problem with other animals or strangers. He does not show any aggressiveness but is curious and shows great intelligence. Despite his thick hair, he does not require complex maintenance: weekly brushing is sufficient.

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